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Only $1 to make your own 3D VR glasses

Dead work

1. Art knife, scissors, glue, tape

1make vr glasses

2. A paper box

2make vr glasses

3. Convex lens * 2: diameter 2.5cm, focal length 4cm

3make vr glasses

4. Download the Google Cardboard drawings, A4 paper to print

4make vr glasses

Google drawings Download:

Download content:

Bi-convex asymmetric spherical lens.pdf


Die-cut template.pdf

Laser-cut template.eps

Laser-cut template.pdf

Scissor-cut template.pdf

WWGC Guidelines and Best Practices.pdf

WWGC Viewer Profile and Badge Guidelines.pdf

Actual operation

1. Open the carton, the more complete the better

2. Rough cut drawings, and according to the serial number

make vr glasses

3. A reasonable layout, the drawings are glued to the cardboard box

make vr glasses

4. After completing the above steps

make vr glasses

5. Assembly with convex lens.Wonderful!

make vr glasses

All right,it's the best 3D VR glasses.Only $1 to make your own 3D VR glasses.

If you get a virtual reality glasses headset,you can exprience immersive for 3D movies and games.

If you have no time to make it,don't worry,you can spend a few money to buy SVPRO 3D VR glasses.

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