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Three questions about 3d video glasses

3d video glasses

How does this work?

Answer: It is a holder for a cell phone. You put your cell phone in the rectangular section (it flips open and closes). The 3d vr glasses have special lenses that allow you to see in 3D. You will have to download some videos. You tube also has those special videos. Many are free. What's cool is that if you turn your head to the right, you will see the landscape on your right. It's really like you are in a virtual world. For example, my son and I like the roller coaster one. I don't have to just look at the tracks in front of me, if I lift my head, I see the sky. If I turn my head in any direction, I will see whatever is in that direction. This one is MUCH better than the cheap cardboard one that only lasted 2 days. This one is holding up.

Can i watch my own videos on my phone ?

Answer: Yes you can, even if you create your own 360 videos!

Will 3d video glasses work with Windows Phone?

Answer: It doesn't depends on type of phone, you can search for 360 videos on YouTube and enjoy watching.