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Four question about speaker watch

1.This may seem like a dumb question, but does it tell time? Where is the time display?

Answer: Dear customer

Thanks for your question.

This is Dream, the service manager from amazon seller - Svpro.

This X10 bluetooth speaker watch doesn't show time, the advantage of it is insert built-in 1GB TF card and has led lights.

If you want to have a speaker watch which show time, you can select the B90 type, which has LED display, also has alarm clock and stopwatch function.

2.Does this model allow shuffle-play of music from the sd/tf card, choosing an album, and/or skipping albums?

Answer: Dear Steppen-Wolf

Thanks for your question.

While TF mode, it does'n allow shuffle-play, but you can play next song by button.

In addition, you can't choosing an album or shipping ablums, but it will display the song duration time.

3.What's the blue tooth range

Answer: Dear Dianne

This bluetooth range of the speaker watch is 10 meters.

4.Can you actually save music to the device to play? Or do you have to bluttoth it to a phone to hear music??

Answer: Dear customer

Thanks for your question.

(1). This X10 bluetooth speaker watch insert built-in a 1GB TF card, but it can't save music to play itself.

(2). It can connect your phone through bluetooth and you can enjoy any music that your phone has.

(3). This X10 bluetooth speaker watch has three modes: TF card mode, FM mode and bluetooth mode.

Once you open the bluetooth speaker, it will play the TF card music automatically. If you want connect your phone, you need to switch to bluetooth mode by press the "M" button, then search and click the X10 to pair.

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