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SVPRO 3D VR Camera reviews by Bailey

SVPRO 3D VR Camera

Hello, this is Bailey from SVPRO.  Today i will introduce our 3D VR Camera to you.

Look this is our 3D VR Camera

1.Open the packing box,  you can see

1* 3D VR Camera, 1* micro USB  cable, 1*packing bag, 1*holder, 1* manual

2.The camera is used to take 3D videos any time any where

3.Let see how to use it

A)Download and install the APP. Two way to get the app.1) Scan the QR code 2)Search “ 3D VR Camera” on Google Play or Android Market.

B)Fix the camera on your mobile phone

C)Open the app, click “record ” to take videos

D)You can put yours mobile into any VR Box to see the effect.

Attention please , now our 3D VR Camera only support Android Smart phone .